Dr. Mag. Dietmar Czernich, LL.M. (NYU)

  • partner of carpima GmbH
  • founder and partner of CHG Rechtsanwälte
  • admitted as attorney in Austria, Italy and in the Principality of Lichtenstein with focus on trade and corporate law
  • study of law in Innsbruck, Tubingen and New York
  • assistant lecturer on Austrian civil law and international private law at the University of Innsbruck. Assistant professor at the Liechtenstein University of Applied Sciences, the Schloss Hofen University of Applied Sciences as well as the Raiffeisen Academy (Vienna)
  • member of the supervisory board of Boehringer Ingelheim Austria GmbH and of Affiris AG
  • numerous publications on international contract law, international civil procedure law and European tort law
  • married, two children