What makes us different

Personal Commitment

We consider ourselves as advisory and investment „boutique”, that combines highest professional competence with the personal commitment of our senior staff and employees. Every project is led by one of the partners. We engange only in assignments, for which we are convinced to offer our clients considerable added value through execution power, personal relationships, specific know how or preferential access to a company or an industry. Following this principle we will not build up a large consulting operation in the future.


As a bank independent advisory and investment boutique we can avoid conflicts of interest, as they exist for investment banks or other advisory firms close to commercial banks. Thus, we can concentrate our activities exclusively on the interest of our clients, even if this implies to advise a client against the pursuit of a transaction.

International Perspective

All partners of carpima Invest have lived and worked across Europe and the world for several years. We have executed more than 20 transactions in many different countries working for an international client base. These experiences coin an international perspective on our business. Our international network built up over the years supports us in the work for our clients.

Complementary Competencies

The successful execution of a transaction requires not only in-depth financial know-how, but especially also experience in the efficient management and appropriate structuring of a transaction, including legal and tax aspects. An essential differentiating factor of carpima Invest is, that due to the different professional backgrounds of our partners, we are able to unite this know how within our firm. In that way we are in a position to assess and design a transaction from these various angles right from its beginning.